SolarArk Solar Hot Water

SolarArk: Solar Hot Water For Residential And Commercial Use

Solar Hot Water Choice! While SmartHeat has it’s own range of Australian-designed, Australian-owned evacuated tube solar hot water systems, we do want you to have a choice! We have proudly chosen SolarArk range to complement our own.

A big advantage of solar hot water systems, both for residential and commercial users, is the savings in energy costs they deliver. With rising energy costs for heating water, both household and business budgets take a hit. Families have less money to spend elsewhere, and business profits are diminished.

Installing a solar hot water system could reduce your water heating bills by 50-90%. Of course, the figure will vary depending on system choice, backup fuel source, geographic area, individual usage patterns, etc.

The cost of your new solar hot water systems can be subsidised by Federal Government incentives (often called ‘solar rebates’), and even some local jurisdictions. Ask us how much you could save on the purchase price.

While your solar hot water system is busy saving you money, it’s also reducing your carbon footprint. When you cut your bill by 70%, you’re also reducing your greenhouse CO2 emissions by 70%. Your family will be happy, your wallet will be happy, and the planet will thank you.

Would you like more information on SolarArk Solar Hot Water systems? You can call our Sydney Office on 1300 186 667, our Canberra Office on 1300 732 807, use the email addresses below, or use our Contact Form. Your comfort is our concern.