Discover The Best Solar Hot Water System For Your Needs.

SmartHeat Solar has over 10 years of experience to fall back on when it comes to solar integrated into our designs, we can provide a quality solution to any solar hot water requirement domestic or commercial. If you need a new solar hot water system or help with a hydronic project look no further.

Things that you may need to think about before considering a system and size. There are factors to be considered before deciding on a solar hot water system. Our team at SmartHeat Solar can help you choose the best system for your requirements.

Their recommendation will be based on:

    • number of people in your household
    • the amount of water used
    • when / water is used
    • water quality
    • roof pitch
    • your location and climate


Understanding how a solar hot water system works is important – as much as ensuring you understand your household’s needs – so the right size system needs be designed and the right size storage tank needs to be installed. Hot water usage is approximately 80 litres per person per day in Australia, on average. * The types of appliances and features in your home, as well as how you use them, will affect your household’s hot water consumption. Factors that can increase your hot water usage include:
    • spa baths
    • long showers
    • living in a cold climate.
*Solar Water Heater Guide, Department of Resources, Energy and Tourism, 2013.

How the Evacuated Tube Works

The solar collector comprises of four main components.

  1. Evacuated Tube
      • Absorbs solar energy and converts it to usable heat. A vacuum between the two glass layers insulates against heat loss.
      • The Heat Transfer Fin helps to transfer heat to the Heat Pipe
      • The silicon rubber caps at the end of the tube protect the tube and are UV resistant.
  2. Heat Pipe
      • Copper vacuum pipe that transfers the heat from within the evacuated tube up to the manifold.
  3. Manifold
      • Insulated box containing the copper header pipe. The header is a pair of contoured copper pipes with dry connect sockets that the heat pipes plug into.
      • The manifold casing is made of a strong but lightweight aluminium alloy that is folded to form a strong protective enclosure. The casing is finished with matte black PVDF coating that is UV stabilised for long- term colour fastness.
      • Glass wool insulation is “baked like a cake” to form a complete structural shell around the header pipe. This design minimises the amount of metal used in the casing, reducing embodied CO2, and making it very lightweight. The lightness of the manifold box is a feature that installers value when carrying onto the roof.
  4. Mounting Frame
      • Various sizes depending on the size of the system being installed. Strong and easily installed with a range of fitting and attachments.
      • With our manifold’s we use a high tensile anodized aluminium mounting frame and 316 (marine grade) stainless steel fasteners and hardware.

Designed for the climate

As a system operates outdoors, it means all the components of the collector must be able to withstand all conditions this wonderful country can throw at them – from freezing point – to the extreme heat and UV radiation.

Our choice in collectors are designed with this is mind. The Silicone rubber used is extremely durable, staying flexible in a wide temperature range. The collectors can withstand over 200°C / 392°F and is extremely resistance to damage from UV light.

Superior design

Using a superior evacuated product USP?

Evacuated tube solar collectors convert energy from the sun. Th e tubes have a vacuum between two glass layers that works like a thermos flask allowing it to retain up to 95% of the solar energy they capture.

This means in colder climates, and during the winter months, heat is retained and not lost into the atmosphere. The collectors are rated to handle frost and down to -15°C temperatures – without the use of glycol which dramatically reduces maintenance of the system.

The right systems for the home, pool and spa

You can save money and reduce your household’s impact on the environment by installing anultra-efficient, evacuated tube solar hot water system.

Our solar evacuated tube collector is designed for even the toughest Australian conditions, 180-degree surface exposure allows them to track every ounce of the sun for more hours of the day than a traditional flat panel to provide a far greater result.

Our SmartHeat evacuated tube collectors are highly efficient lightweight and low maintenance. They can withstand hail and frost and the mounting frames are cyclone rated.

Our solar hot water systems are available in a range of sizes and you have option of instantaneous natural gas/ LPG boosted or even an electrical boosting solution. We can recommend the best system for your home.

A cost effective evacuated solar electric boosted hot water systems harness the sun’s energy to heat your water with the highly efficient solar collectors.

You also have the confidence of an electric or gas storage tank to provide back up if needed. You can rest assured you will have reliable hot water.

Optional packages available

    • Hot water heater storage – 250L, 315L, 400L
    • Electric or gas booster
    • Evacuated tube solar collectors – 20, 30 or 40 tube configurations


A full design service is available, where will take you through the whole selection process, SmartHeat would then carry out installation of the system for you with our own service teams who will commission the system and where a full-service plan would be proposed to make sure the system run smoothly.

Would you like more information on hydronic heating and cooling? You can call our Sydney Office on 1300 186 667, our Canberra Office on 1300 732 807, use the email addresses below, or use our Contact Form. Your comfort is our concern.