Hydronic Underfloor Heating In-Slab

Hydronic slab heating is a typical hydronic system usually installed at the beginning of a build when the slab is formed up and steelwork is ready for the concrete to be poured.

How it works

Hydronic underfloor heating uses hot water to circulate through the pipes. The water is heated via a main energy source which can be an efficient solar collector system on a roof, a gas boiler, heat pump or even geo-thermal.

A typical hydronic system is usually installed at the beginning of a build and laid onto the makeup of slab before construction commences. Hydronic systems provide a constant thermal ambient temperature and can be controlled by a variety of thermostats.

Hydronic underfloor heating prevents the spread of germs and illnesses and is virtually silent. Directly heating the floor wastes very little heat as there is no rising hot air that constantly evades through the ceiling. Unlike artificial heating, the heat is not overpowering but rather naturally feels as though it is an innate part of the room.


Below is a schematic that shows optimum position of the in-slab pipe work:
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