Hydronic Underfloor Heating Insulation

Type of Insulation

1. Profi-Duo Board

Profi-Duo boards for surface heating are the products with acoustic insulation and high heat insulation characteristic. They have improved non-slip properties. Regular and numerous nubs, properly shaped, ensure holding of heating pipes in the right place. These boards with nubs are made of 1 mm thick, deep-drawn polystyrene layer. They are designed to lay them on thermal and impact sound insulation. This product is suitable for cement and self-leveling screed. It is ideal for renovations. Deep-drawn parts can be used to adjoin board parts (waste-free).

2. Expanded Polystyrene (EPS)

EPS is a closed cell lightweight cellular plastics material produced from polystyrene. The material has been modified by the addition of flame retardant additives. Polystyrene literally translated is “polymerised styrene”. That is, the single styrene molecules are chemically joined together to form a large molecule which is called the polymer. Styrene is produced from benzene and ethylene, and polymerisation is accomplished in the presence of catalysts, usually organic peroxides. The expandable form is produced as small beads containing a blowing agent.

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