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What is cogeneration?

Cogeneration enables a building to receive both its energy inputs and thermal requirements from the combustion of a single fuel source such as natural gas. During the production of electricity excess heat is utilised to accomodate the thermal demands of the household or organisation.

By using a heat recovery system employing the waste heat, a cogeneration system has double the efficiencies of conventional systems, where heat is allowed to leave the production chain as a lost-by-product. The multiple efficiencies have a significant impact
on running costs. 

What are the advantages of cogeneration?

  • Greenhouse gas emissions typically reduced by two-thirds
  • Free hot water on demand
  • Increased energy transfer efficiency by up to 85%
  • Significantly lower energy bills

What can Smart Co-Gen offer you?

SmartCoGen works alongside Yanmar and Origin Energy in the exploration and improvement of cogeneration.

These two companies are amongst the most advanced companies researching and developing cogeneration systems in the world,
this means we are able to bring you the latest, up-to-date, cutting edge systems.

SmartCoGen can deliver low-emission, energy saving, power supply systems to suit any project from residential to large scale commerical and industrial. The production of electricity, through gas cogeneration , reduce bills by up to 31% before factoring in savings made by thermal heat transfer.

By making use of the thermal heat transfer you will have unlimited access to 6000 litres of 60 degree hot water, in a great time frame of eight hours and fifteen minutes.